Enterprise Description Repository

Repository containing all elements gathered in the course of the work carried out to describe the Enterprise System

Introduction to the notion

Praxeme proposes a holistic approach to complex systems (enterprises, organizations, Product systems, etc.). This approach, completed by its architectural aim, argues in favor of a central mechanism: the enterprise description repository (or RDE).

The enterprise (or system) description repository contains all the elements collected during the work to describe it. These elements are structured in accordance with the chosen architectures.

The models serve the investments that have a short- or medium-term objective. The continuity principle translates the intention to increase their effects by including them in a more extensive effort to build the system in the long term. This course of action relies on the enterprise description repository, the central mechanism whose structure mirrors the architecture decisions and into which the models flow, project after project.

This repository plays a pivot role in the transformation. It materializes the will to administrate the investments at the enterprise level and not only on the project level. It embodies the continuous effort with a view to achieving the architecture target. Around this mechanism, the interactions between transformational activities will have to be reviewed.


The EDR is the common pot into which the representations, which result from the transformation efforts, flow. It must be visible at an enterprise level, that is to say not only for an operation, be it a big program, and not only restricted to a function (like the IT department). It should be “anointed” by management and have sufficient communication around it, so that the actors of the transformation turn to it to help fuel their thinking. All information and decisions are stored there and positioned according to the architecture rules. It is an accelerator for transformation projects. The first level of its structure is none other than the representation framework. The following levels take up the architecture decisions for all aspects. The internal model of the EDR, more specifically the tooling that creates it, is the metamodel of the method.

Related terms: repository, enterprise, Enterprise System.

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