Enterprise System

The enterprise that perceives itself as a system

Introduction to the notion

Source: Enterprise Tranformation Manifesto; paragraph 2

The notion of Enterprise System belongs to the fundamental tenet of our philosophy. It is our petitio principii that the Enterprise and its transformation will benefit from the rational approach and the attempt to adopt a scientific method.

Considering the Enterprise as a system emphasizes its nature as a complex object, made up of many interconnected parts working together (paragraph 2.2.a).

The Enterprise System embeds many aspects (paragraph 2.3).It is not possible to understand and master the Enterprise without first untangling its many aspects (paragraph 2.3.a). Many different disciplines are required to understand the Enterprise System, in both its individual aspects and as a whole (paragraph 2.3.b). It is not enough to just summon all the required disciplines; the specialties need to be linked together, so that the unity of the Enterprise System is preserved and understood (paragraph 2.3.c).

Before any design or transformation of the Enterprise System is undertaken, its reality and environment must be understood (paragraph 2.5).


With this expression, we lay claim to a certain form of rationality that we propose be applied to the enterprise.

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