Manner of tackling a subject or comprehending a topic of study

Introduction to the notion

Methodological tradition has opposed the notions of approach and process. These two notions reflect those of Product and Production (process and procedures). This distinction is particularly useful, at a time when industry-standard practices focus mainly on the process dimension. Using these opposing notions avoids, for example, having to put representations like the TOGAF ADM and the Zachman framework on the same level: on the one hand, phasing; on the other, a reference framework.


Praxeme proposes, above all, an approach to the enterprise and to systems. It includes, in addition, certain elements of the transformation process, although it does not stipulate a complete process. Regarding this point, it refers back to industry-standard practices, organized in phases. It is therefore possible and beneficial to combine the Praxeme methodology with industry-standard practices and compliance standards. The articulation principle between the methods and frameworks rests on the Pro3 schema.


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