Course Of Action

Way of organizing the activities

Introduction to the notion

Praxeme does not replace specialized methods coming from different practical domains; it seeks more to integrate them and to use them to its advantage by including them in the transformation chain. As an example, Praxeme places the performance indicators in a specific place in its reference framework, a place from where the indicators can be “projected” into the pertinent aspects of the enterprise where they are picked up with a view to automating them. In this way, the method for designing the indicators sees its efforts increased because it is integrated into the enterprise methodology. The methodology distinguishes the approach (the way of apprehending the object of study) and the process (way of organizing the activities; the steps to follow). Praxeme proposes, above all, an approach to the enterprise and to systems. It includes, in addition, certain elements of the transformation process, although it does not stipulate a complete process. Regarding this point, it refers back to industry-standard practices, organized in phases. It is therefore possible and beneficial to combine the Praxeme methodology with industry-standard practices and compliance standards.

Related term: approach, methodology.

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