Holistic Approach

Approach covering all aspects of a reality

Introduction to the notion

The enterprise approach is what provides the unity of the Praxeme method. The conscious transformation effort begins with a desire to see the enterprise in its totality. This notion conveys two others:

  1. Looking at the enterprise as a whole forces us to consider all the questions from a global perspective and to examine the implication they have on an enterprise scale. This represents a real effort. Our everyday practices consist, on the contrary, of isolating questions within organizational silos and reducing them to a project scale.
  2. Considering the enterprise in its totality also means recognizing the multiplicity of its aspects and the diversity of its components; organizing a place for elements as varied in type as values, finance, performance, organization, knowledge, culture, logistics, IT, etc.; recognizing too that these elements, although not of the same type, can interact, influence each other and become part of a system whose coherence needs to be verified.

Referring back to the first point, we can speak of a global or totalizing approach. For the second, we can say: a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. The interdisciplinary nature is a consequence, in the sphere of human competence, of the multi-aspect character of the enterprise and of the necessity to say everything about the enterprise in order to succeed with its transformation.

Related terms: approach, global approach.

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