Model of models, that is to say a formal representation of the means required to build ordinary models

Introduction to the notion

A metamodel reveals the categories of representation at work in our effort to represent things. It expresses, as it were, the syntax of the language we use to talk about the world. This syntax is intimately linked to the recommended approach, in our case: the approach of the enterprise. The metamodel is therefore the foundation of the methodology. Establishing a metamodel is an excellent exercise in intellectual hygiene. Moreover, the metamodel can be seen as a model of the tools that we use to represent and document the enterprise.


As far as possible, the Praxeme metamodel is built on standardized metamodels, in particular the UML one. However, it differs from it since its aim is to gather together all the categories of representation needed to cover all aspects of a system or an enterprise.

Related terms: methodology, representation, approach, formalism.

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