Method of analysis, design and implementation of information systems from the 1980s

Introduction to the notion

The Praxeme Enterprise System Topology continues the tradition of software engineering. It inherits the notion of abstraction levels from Merise and methods in the 80s. It is inspired by enterprise architecture approaches such as the Zachman’s framework. It updates these legacies in accordance with the standard MDA.

Praxeme gratefully acknowledges the debt owed to the creators of the Merise method: Hubert Tardieu, Arnold Rochfeld, René Colleti and Yves Tabourier.


“Stemming from systems analysis, the Merise method is the result of work led by Hubert Tardieu in the 1970s, part of an international reflection on Edgar Frank Codd’s relational model. It became an operational project at the beginning of the eighties, following on from a request by the Ministry of Industry. It was mainly used in France by the software and computing services companies of its founding members (Sema-Metra as well as CGI Informatique) for large scale projects, in particular for important public or private administrations.”

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