Address to decision-makers

What can the Praxeme method do for you?

Decision-makers, particularly those involved in the transformation of their organization or of a technical system, are those who best perceive the need for a comprehensive approach.

This 5-minute video -by Dominique VAUQUIER- is for them and wants to show them how the Praxeme method can be useful to them.


You are decision-makers. This video is for you to get an insight into enterprise methodology.

Businesses and organizations face complexity and uncertainty, as well as noise and entropy. This situation leads to a great loss of energy and resources. Worse still, it puts us at risk of missing opportunities:

  • we do not remember that the subject of the day    had already been dealt with    in the past; earlier studies have been lost; we don’t know who took part…
  • in general, information circulates badly (which is also true when too much information is poured over the heads of uninvolved individuals);
  • we would like to stimulate creativity, encourage innovation… but, in the ambient confusion, it becomes very difficult to motivate and mobilize minds.

How to act better, faster and with greater control?

Answering the question of “how” is what defines methodology, the art of designing methods. This is precisely what Praxeme is.

The subject is the transformation of companies and their systems.

Businesses, organizations, either private or public are seen as Enterprise System, meaning that we apply specific schemes in order to approach their complexity. Not only does the Praxeme method offer precise tools to equip the many disciplines involved in transformation, but   above all   it embraces all aspects of the Enterprise System.

From a decision-maker’s standpoint, this last feature is crucial: it is not enough for everyone to do their part; it is also necessary to coordinate the work of all.

How to ensure that specialists from different fields come to understand each other?

How to articulate their expertise and bring them to cooperate, without neglecting anything, and by valuing all the contributions in an interdisciplinary approach?

To this end, a framework is needed that covers all areas and distributes responsibilities in the collective effort of transformation. Once this framework has been established, it remains to specify the deliverables, their acceptance criteria taking into account the needs upstream and downstream of the transformation chain.

Praxeme provides a framework for action to manage initiatives, programs and transformations as accurately as possible.

Its contribution complements the approaches found on the market or inside organizations, by adding particular attention to the content:

  • What is a business? a system ?
  • What should we say about it to ensure control of its conduct and its transformation?
  • How to properly represent the various elements and how to articulate the representations and formulations so that we can guarantee the coherence of the transformation?

As goes the saying: “A Workman is Known by His Tools” »

It just so happens that, in order to deal with these questions correctly and inexpensively, we have access to international standards which provide us with rigorous notations. Obviously, serious professionals appropriate them. However, these notations – often very specialized – lack an instruction manual, on the one hand, and insertion into a broader framework, on the other. Praxeme meets both of these needs.

In conclusion, the Praxeme method can help you guide your thinking and control your projects.

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