Type of intervention in an activity, to which rights, required skills and stipulated behavior are added

Introduction to the notion

“Role” refers to a type of intervention in the activity, to which the required rights and competences are added, everything that a job description card contains.

The role is therefore a formal notion, linked to the description of practices, whereas the actor refers to the “human factor.” Both these levels of analysis are also required for a full approach of the pragmatic aspect:

  1. The role appears in the modeling of practices (in particular, process models), the formal approach of the pragmatic aspect.
  2. The analysis of the actors, their strategies and their motivations, within the actual enterprise itself, is essential before any transformation.

Note that certain activities, the collective activities, involve several actors. The organization is the structure set up between the actors and completed by the roles, procedures and related rules.

Related terms: actor, action, organization, rights.

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