Short videos for decision-makers

Two videos are now available on this website. They aim to present the method from the point of view of decision-makers and from the perspective of business transformation.

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Recent lecture on Praxeme for microservice architecture

A team of researchers lectured on Praxeme for designing a microservice architecture, namely:

  • Mihajasoa Léa Fanomezana, Laboratory for Mathematical and Computer Applied to the Development Systems (LIMAD), University of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
  • Nicolas Raft Razafindrakoto, Laboratory of Multidisciplinary Applied Research (LRAM), University of Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Andrianjaka Miary Rapatsalahy, Laboratory for Mathematical and Computer Applied to the Development Systems
    (LIMAD), University of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
  • Costin Bădică, Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics (ACE), University of Craiova, Romania


The changing needs of the enterprise require the manageability of its information system. Therefore, it is crucial to absorb these changes by orienting the design of the information system towards a modern architecture that decomposes the monolithic application into autonomous services. This paper proposes an enterprise architecture methodological framework to design the so-called microservice architecture known as MSA. Our approach is to describe the similarities between the MSA style of architecture and the service-oriented architecture known as SOA, the latter having a rich research literature focused on exploiting the methodology for designing services in a service architecture. The result of the comparative study indicates that the ideology for designing a SOA is identical as MSA which ultimately relies on decomposing applications into smaller components with a smaller and more manageable footprint. Thus, we conclude that it is preferable to use the adapted enterprise architecture methodology for SOA to design MSA.

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Praxeme and… Data Architecture

Content of the workshop

Public workshop by the Praxeme Institute, with Joël Bizingre  – Conix Consulting:

Linkedin maps data visualization

Linkedin maps data visualization

Not a day passes without a new Data term (Data broker, Data scientist, Big Data, Smart Data, Chief Data Officer, Data virtualization…), a new Data solution announcement… stick Data onto what you do and it becomes a buzz word.

A current trend, a set of issues as old as the world, a change of paradigm…, the objective of this Praxeme workshop on “Data Architecture” is to take a step back and debate what would a Data Architecture be and what guidance the Praxeme method could bring.


First part: Data world

Second part: Data architecture

  • What value proposition?
  • What representation?

Debate and discussion on these questions and on what the methodological contribution can bring.

The workshop proposed is an initial discovery within this wave of data. Far from having all the answers, it is about sharing and shedding a first light on the topic and especially exchanging, reacting and contributing one’s viewpoint.

As the number of places is limited, please only register if you are certain to attend.


Joël Bizingre, Conix Consulting
Workshop support [fr]

Workshop modalities

“Lettre Adeli 95”

Publication of the Lettre Adeli 95 (in French) – The connected economy

  • The new eldorados of the connected economy – Alain Coulon
  • Shrinking world and broadening knowledge – Martine Otter
  • MOOCs: massive open online course – Nicolas Trèves, Véronique Pelletier
  • ADELI at the seminar “optimal IT production” – Laurent Hanaud
  • The bee and digital – Dominique Vauquier
  • E-commerce: supermarkets and shopping malls – Patrick Kineider
  • On the ADELI blogs – The members of ADELI

The articles can be consulted and downloaded by members.

Non-members can also purchase the digital version of the Lettre for 10 euros
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The writing of Praxeme version 2 is in progress.