The philosophy

This painting by Raphael was long used as the logo of the Praxeme Institute. It was chosen, of course, for the reference to Ancient Greece and because it evokes the patronage of some of the most brilliant minds of humanity. But we can also find in it a magnificent symbol of the methodology. >>

The new value chain

The value chain can no longer be simply linear. It has to integrate information gathering, retroactions and transformation decisions. Innovation, enterprise agility and the capacity of an enterprise to quickly adjust itself to a changing environment come at this cost. The value chain becomes “looped”, integrating feedback at all levels of the enterprise and encouraging collaboration. Furthermore, it becomes more complex by mobilizing partners. >>

The Praxeme method

Praxeme is an enterprise methodology. It can be applied to any organized and voluntary system: organization, information system or technical system. It covers all aspects of these systems: from the culture and values of the enterprise to its infrastructure, via knowledge, the organization and the processes. This interdisciplinary approach answers the need to link specialties together to think the enterprise as a whole and aid in its transformation. >>