The manifesto


The Enterprise Transformation Manifesto summarizes the golden rules for improving enterprises, respecting the values and fundamental interests of society. It is aimed at decision-makers and offers them a summary of the main topics that prepare the enterprise of the future.

This manifesto seeks to be a guide for corporate citizenship. It presents the principles that guide the enterprise transformation, in compliance with its values and the values of society.


It concerns every function in the enterprise, starting with:

  • executive management, who will find in it a unified discourse and a list of principles to guide their transformation programs;
  • communication and marketing departments, for whom the signing of the manifesto is an opportunity to affirm certain values of their enterprise;
  • transversal functions (strategy, transformation management…) which will appreciate the repositioning of enterprise architecture.

The manifesto will also be of interest to academia, called upon to favor an interdisciplinary approach, around which teaching content can be organized (see, in particular, chapter 7).


The chapters of the ETM

The chapters of the ETM


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