Certification: signing of an agreement with APMG International

APMG-International, world leader in the accreditation of training, consulting and certification organizations, and the Praxeme Institute have signed an agreement to develop a Praxeme certification in French and English. This certification will be proposed by a network of accredited training organizations. The first level, “Foundations”, will enable candidates to validate their knowledge of the concepts and principles of the Praxeme approach and of enterprise transformation. >>

Praxeme and… Data Architecture

Content of the workshop Public workshop by the Praxeme Institute, with Joël Bizingre  – Conix Consulting: Not a day passes without a new Data term (Data broker, Data scientist, Big Data, Smart Data, Chief Data Officer, Data virtualization…), a new Data solution announcement… stick Data onto what you do and it becomes a buzz word. A current trend, a set of issues as old as the world, a change of paradigm…, the objective of this Praxeme workshop on “Data Architecture” is to take a step back and debate what would a Data Architecture be and what guidance the Praxeme method could bring. Agenda First part: Data world Tipping point: signals around data Overview of Data topics: Open Data, Data Vizualization, Big Data, Data policy, “AGL” Data, Data provider, Master Data, MetaData, Data Lake… From the Data game to the Data war… what will the world be like afterwards? I am a Data Scientist, a Data Manager… inventory of Data professions Second part: Data architecture What value proposition? What representation? Debate and discussion on these questions and on what the methodological contribution can bring. The workshop proposed is an initial discovery within this wave of data. Far from having all the answers, it is about sharing and … >>

“Lettre Adeli 95”

Publication of the Lettre Adeli 95 (in French) – The connected economy The new eldorados of the connected economy – Alain Coulon Shrinking world and broadening knowledge – Martine Otter MOOCs: massive open online course – Nicolas Trèves, Véronique Pelletier ADELI at the seminar “optimal IT production” – Laurent Hanaud The bee and digital – Dominique Vauquier E-commerce: supermarkets and shopping malls – Patrick Kineider On the ADELI blogs – The members of ADELI The articles can be consulted and downloaded by members. 
http://www.adeli.org/contenu/lettre95-printemps-2014-leconomie-connectee Non-members can also purchase the digital version of the Lettre http://www.adeli.org/contenu/lettre-95 for 10 euros Read more…
 http://www.adeli.org/contenu/parution-lettre-95-leconomie-connectee >>

Call for subscription

In 2013, the initiative for an open method took a number of significant steps forward: on the one hand, as regards publicizing efforts, with particularly important contacts in the public sector and the joining of large services and consulting companies; on the other hand, as regards content, with the first publications of Praxeme version 2. Work in progress Three projects are underway: the development of the Praxeme certification, financed by APMG International; the incorporation of the Performance Tree approach, by Georges Garibian; the drafting of terminological procedures by professor Loïc Depecker. The General guide, version 2, is ready in French and in English. The final review is almost finished. Two additional chapters will complete this guide on questions linked to transformation, with the formalization of the support materials presented during the members-only training course “Praxeme Competences”. In addition to the projects mentioned above, topics that we will tackle this year – through our workshops or publications – cover MDM, SOA, enterprise transformation, the digital enterprise, the evolution of IS urbanization, and modeling tooling. With regards to this last subject, I am pleased to remind you that Softeam, the co-founding company of the Praxeme Institute, has renewed its offer to members around … >>

PxKid on the horizon

Work in progress The Praxeme Institute has recently submitted a proposal to the European Commission in the context of the new Horizon 2020 program (the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation). The project is entitled “PxKID” for “Praxeme Kit, integration and development”. The list of partners includes, notably: CNRS-13S, Fraunhofer (Germany), VTT (Finland) and the University of Latvia. Here is the summary of the proposal, as included in the file. The goal of the PxKID project is in line with a major need of most organisations and IS departments: restoring the modelling capabilities that are critical for enterprises to cope with IS complexity and to take up the challenges of innovation and performance. Such an ambition can now be achieved by combining existing standards and frameworks with the Praxeme methodology for enterprise architecture. Praxeme is indeed an open method that aims to cover every aspect of the enterprise, from strategy to organisation to technology to infrastructure, addressing the issue of complexity by implementing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. On the basis of all these elements, PxKID aims to specify the next generation of modelling tools with new capacities in accompanying the modeller’s decision-making process. The specifications will enable us … >>