Technical System

Introduction to the notion

A technical system is a system made up of technical elements. It is always immersed in a more complex system, that we can call a “sociotechnical system”. Indeed, even the technical system, apparently the most dehumanized and isolated one, only exists and functions by interacting with other systems (the vehicle with the road, the machine with the energy network, etc.) that have organizational and human components.

If we take things the other way round, we can say that what seems to us to be the technical system is also part of an Enterprise System, that we can examine under its logistic aspect.

An Enterprise System can be made up of one or more technical systems. The way of isolating technical systems within a same Enterprise System is already, in itself, an architecture decision.

The method Praxeme proposes for the technical architecture and the design of technical systems is introduced in the guide PxPRD-60 and detailed in the procedure sheets (their identifier is in the following format PxPCD-6#).


System made of integrated technical solutions

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