Enterprise concerns

The enterprise is a complex object. It cannot be approached without an analytical framework that organizes the subject matter. This is the role of the reference framework or methodological framework (conceptual framework). Thus, all the enterprise concerns, whether they be strategic or tactical, when they concern the organization, the performance or the logistics, are included in a full and rigorously structured description. In this way, every piece of information or decision is given one, and only one, place in the enterprise description Repository. We thus avoid wasting time and effort and can take advantage of the expertise of all concerned.

The Enterprise System Topology identifies and articulates seven aspects which enable us to apprehend the full reality of the enterprise. Contrary to “views”, these aspects are defined independently of points of view and are isolated using the internal logic of the Enterprise System. The method links them carefully together, so as to create a harmonious transformation chain. All along this chain, information and decision elements are expressed, formalized and progressively transformed into concrete solutions.

For more information: see the “Product” page on the wiki.

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