Precept according to which the analysis of the actor’s real motivations must be carried out before any allocation decision

Introduction to the notion

Elucidation precept
We can only motivate if we know what drives a person to act. The first action, therefore, is to clarify the actors’ needs and aspirations. They are spread over Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, without neglecting the need for recognition. This exercise of analysis joins with the intentional aspect and, more specifically, the procedure “Elucidating the values”. Indeed, the value system of individuals determines their choices, behavior and satisfaction. It is an important part of the motivation.

Formally, this analysis work takes place at the individual level. This is why the notion of actor has been associated with the metamodel of the pragmatic aspect. Through it, reality bursts into the pragmatic approach, whereas the other notions of the metamodel remain formal.


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