Activity Domain

Area of activity resulting from the decomposition of the pragmatic aspect of a system

Introduction to the notion

Under its pragmatic aspect, the enterprise appears as an organization and an activity. This aspect is more easily perceived than the semantic aspect. We are not merely content to describe it: we also have to design it, simplify the processes and exploit the organizational innovations.

The pragmatic aspect is decomposed into activity domains, also known as “functional domains”. The functionalist approach remains pertinent in this aspect, even though the methodology challenges it for the other aspects. Indeed, its primacy given to the action or the function perfectly suits the nature of the pragmatic aspect, reserved for the activity of the Enterprise System. The top-down hierarchical decomposition characterizes this approach. Specific additional measures have to be added to decrease the redundancy that it never fails to produce.

In short
The activity domain is an area of activity; a set of activities and the resources required to manage them. It is the unit of decomposition of the pragmatic aspect. The criterion of this decomposition is often the function (in the sense of functional management or important functionality of a system). In this case, the activity domain merges with the functional domain.


The expression “functional domain” is used for an activity domain that corresponds to a function. In the classic approach, the system or enterprise is broken down only into functional domains. However, the architecture of the pragmatic aspect introduces domains that do not correspond to a function and enable us to factorize general activities or elements of an organizational type. This is why the broader notion of activity domain was introduced. It matches the object domain notion in the semantic aspect. It is possible to gather together objects of an organizational type in an object domain in the pragmatic aspect. This is the case with the Organization domain, put forward by the generic architecture of the pragmatic aspect. It contains elements that enable us to describe the organizations: structure, hierarchy, role, rights

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