Precept according to which, upon any exchange, the rights and obligations of the participants should be clarified

Introduction to the notion

Contractualization precept
Contractualization is the clarification of the parties’ rights and responsibilities when an exchange takes place. It applies to activities, roles and actors. It is first applied at the enterprise level in its relations with its environment and all its stakeholders: clients, public, partners, suppliers, government departments and shareholders.

In pragmatic design, the contract-based approach merges with the black-box systemic approach. For a complex enterprise, we begin by defining its contracts at a global level; we continue with the next level, ensuring that the realization of these contracts allows the contracts on the above level to be guaranteed and so on, until the work situation level.

Whereas accountability and delegation guide the organization structure, contractualization is more concerned with the network of activities. Both approaches remain, even so, very intricate, which explains why we do not know how to separate organizational design from that of process.

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