Set of pre-wired answers that the actors use in their day-to-day actions and decision process

Introduction to the notion

Source: Enterprise Transformation Manifesto; paragraph 3.5

Among other factors, ideology plays a role in the Enterprise as well as in society. Actors must be aware of this in order to better design and lead the transformation. An Enterprise ideology combines values, fixed representations and a theory of action. Applying the Enterprise ideology is justifiable and efficient, provided that it remains within clearly set limits, for ordinary and repeatable circumstances (paragraph 3.5.c).

Outside of these limits, there is a risk of misunderstanding a new situation and not responding accordingly. Ideology, used as an answer to everything, could be misguiding (paragraph 3.5.d). However, openness remedies the drawbacks of ideology. It mitigates the risk of dogmatic behaviors by introducing exogenous elements of thought and knowledge (paragraph 3.5.e).

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