Intentional Aspect

Aspect that gathers together the elements of intent, setting the purposes and constraints of a system

Introduction to the notion

The intentional aspect is concerned with the enterprise ethics and its purposes (values, strategy, culture…). For example, this aspect helps to elucidate the values, draw up the vision, establish a common language, analyze performance, etc. The methodological guide PxPRD-10 covers the intentional aspect, as do the procedures beginning with PxPCD-1#.


The intentional aspect, the first in the order of determination, gathers together all the expressions of the enterprise will: its values, its objectives, the requirements, the indicators (often closely linked to the objectives), and its vocabulary which reveals its culture. The term “intention” has been chosen as generic enough to cover these different notions. It also refers to the aims the enterprise gives to itself. The types of elements of the intentional aspect can be organized into four facets, ‘VWVV’ (values, wants, valorization, vocabulary).

Related terms: aspect, system, element of intent.

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