Introduction to the Praxeme Method by Pierre Bonnet

From the beginning of the 2000s, Pierre Bonnet foresaw the importance of data management for companies. He founded Orchestra Networks, the vendor of one of the best Master Data Management solutions. This company is now part of the TIBCO group. Pierre continues to exercise his passion for entrepreneurship in various activity sectors, particularly in Vietnam.

He is one of the major contributors to and a leader of the initiative for a public method.

In this video, he presents his point of view on the method and explains why Praxeme offers an essential framework for mastering transformations.


Hello, I’m Pierre and I’m going to tell you about the Praxeme method in a few minutes.

Have you ever led a transformation project in your company?  For example, for a new regulation, a new strategic offer, an innovation around the opening of services, more recently crypto assets and blockchain, and -why not- the Metaverse. In short, these are totally transversal projects with high stakes. If you have had the opportunity to lead this kind of project, you know that you have to coordinate a lot of both human and technical aspects to succeed. It is complex and the ambitious transformation project too often leads to a much more modest solution that does not give satisfaction.

But when transformation is vital, you have to find a method to really succeed. Otherwise, it is a whole part of the company’s business that is on the sidelines, or even the company as a whole.

What is the major problem of a transformation project? Above all, it is the complexity that must be well managed. You must rely on a framework that precisely describes the actions to be carried out and the necessary skills with the practices to be known. It is by training your teams in this framework that you will federate and reassure them to succeed in the transformation. If you don’t, then you’re working without a safety net.

In concrete terms, you need to know how your processes, data and business rules are governed in a unified way. You have to describe them, make them evolve, audit them and, of course, guarantee their alignment with your company’s business strategy. Otherwise, there is no transformation really possible.

How to have this framework quickly?  Well, it already exists with the PRAXEME method. It provides an enterprise system topology that is perfect for driving transformation

How did I discover this method I discovered Praxeme about fifteen years ago, during a complex project to redesign an information system around a strategic vision of the business and the use of new technologies. To take a pedagogical parallel, Praxeme is like a scientific framework that explains the functioning of the company, as the universal law of gravitation explains the movement of the planets. Of course, Praxeme does not put the enterprise system into a mathematical equation but it offers a reading of what is happening there in a quasi-scientific way.

How do I get started with Praxeme Obviously, the return on investment of the use of the PRAXEME method will be all the better as the effort of its learning will be accepted. We have nothing for nothing, we must train in it to achieve excellence in the art of practice of transformation. This investment is really meaningful, even when starting with a seminar or in bootcamp mode with a Praxeme expert to get started. Contact the author of the method Dominique Vauquier directly to learn more, but do not remain without any good method to transform your business.

See you soon 

Other introductory materials are to be found at: Presentation

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