Action that consists in giving an element of intent a more formal representation, one that is better integrated into the system, in another aspect

Introduction to the notion

The models maintain relations that have to be clarified. The job of clarification takes place first at the relations-between-modeling-element level. Inside each aspect, the elements are linked to each other by relations depending on their categories and described by the metamodel. Added to which are the relations between packages regarding the reuse of generic or shared elements. Between the aspects, we can distinguish three types of relations: justification, derivation and projection (where an upstream element is expressed in a downstream element that formalizes it). These are the inter-aspect traceability links.

Some illustrations of projection


It may happen that the projection of an element of intent results in several modeling elements. For example, a general direction (customer approach, agility, service attitude…) always requires us to revisit a large part of the system, sometimes, through several aspects.

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