Organization Repository

Repository where the processes and organization are modeled

Introduction to the notion

In the same way that the “core business” representations are assembled within the semantic repository to encourage sharing and reuse, the organization models accumulate in a repository which articulates the processes, functions, actors…

This Organization Repository provides a unified vision of the processes, an area of progress for managing the changes in the organization.

It brings the following advantages:

  • As representation repository, it enables the organizational choices to be clarified and linked to the other aspects.
  • As it consolidates all the business representations, it is the place where the load and efficiency calculations, as well as the anticipation of the means for the whole enterprise, are made.
  • It provides the model and the data for a mechanism, immersed in architecture and in charge of the organizational aspect. The processes described and the authorizations can be stored in the form of data and executed by automated mechanisms. Among these mechanisms, we can cite the “Organization Logical Machine” or the workflow solutions which enable the programming of processes.

The projects elaborate their pragmatic model taking into consideration the general framework provided by the Organization Repository. As far as possible, they endeavor to enter their use cases or processes in this global model, in order to:

Related terms: repository, enterprise description repository, pragmatic aspect.

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