Software Aspect

Describes the software components which automate some of the actions of the Information System

Introduction to the notion

Equivalent terms: Application, IT

Illustration of the software aspect (page 6):

  • Principal categories of representation: Software components, applications
  • Comments: Software components are obtained by combining logical units and technical choices.

The software aspect has disappeared from Praxeme version 2. In the Enterprise System Topology, the logistic aspect integrates the software components as well as the types of equipment. This new distribution facilitates the passage from the logical design of the system to its construction. For example, the logical model can describe, in the abstract, a subsystem. This logical specification is translated into technical terms in the logistic aspect, by keeping the unity of the subsystem. Through its logistic aspect, the subsystem is seen as a hardware unit, potentially equipped with software intelligence.

Praxeme version 1 separated the software aspect and the hardware aspect. It therefore prevented the continuity described above.

Related terms: aspect, logistic aspect, Enterprise System Topology.

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