Service Oriented Architecture

Architecture of an IT system structured as a group of constituents providing services

Introduction to the notion

In a service-oriented architecture, no other visible components are smaller than the logical service: every information need, each action or transformation is met by a service.

Service-oriented architecture permits increases in the quality of the system structure, even in the absence of object-oriented technologies. It leads to the publication of software components as services, in a direct continuation of web services technologies. As such it promotes open systems.


Here, we apply the service metaphor to the design of a technical system (generally an IT one). As with each time we turn to a metaphor, the design is located in the logical aspect of the system. SOA is therefore a “style” of architecture.

The SOA design approach is based on a technological offering (Web Services, ESB, numerous standards…) which needs to be taken into account in the logistic aspect.

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