Technical Architecture

Architecture discipline interested in the logistic aspect of a system, setting the technical choices within

Introduction to the notion

The means that enable us to carry activities out, and potentially automate them, are designed and realized from the logical model. All these means make up the logistic system. We have to:

  • on the one hand, select, design, realize and link the hardware solutions (vehicles, computers, sensors, effectors and all sorts of equipment) that fit into the infrastructure of the Enterprise System;
  • on the other hand, select, design, realize and link the software components that will be installed on this hardware to ensure its functioning and coordination.

Information technology comes in here and, in a general way, technology. The work consists mainly in expressing the logical specification into the selected technical terms. It therefore concerns the set of technical choices and their justifications, completed by the rules of use and derivation rules from the logical aspect.

Related terms: architecture, logistic aspect, technical system.

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