Business Architecture

Transformational discipline that translates the strategy and helps to transform the enterprise

Introduction to the notion

Business Architecture emerges as an answer to the complexity of the Enterprise and its transformation. The expression “Business Architecture” refers to both a discipline and an artifact:

Analysis of the definition

“Business Architecture is a transformational discipline…” Meaning it is not an operational discipline but a discipline which is involved each time we need to transform the business.

“…that translates the strategy into actionable recommendations…” The strategy is the constant starting point to which Business Architecture refers. It analyzes the strategy and determines its implications in every term of the “business” aspects. In the process, it is possible that Business Architecture raises questions or elaborates suggestions that can refine or enrich the strategy.

“…and helps to transform the enterprise.” This last statement expresses the ultimate goal of Business Architecture. It is about building the future Enterprise System.

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