Use View

Description of the services provided to the user by the system

Introduction to the notion

The Use view presents the system as seen by the actors. It is interested in the interactions between the actors and the system.

The Use view is usually in response to the preoccupations of a project. It enables a functionality request to be reformulated and can be part of the specifications. The Use view is at the same level as the general or detailed functional specifications. There can be several levels of detail: one begins by identifying the use cases and finishes by describing their scenarios.

The form FRM-25, in conjunction with the comment FRM-25c, details the information taken into account in the Use view. This form enables a use case to be described (the forms and their comments are, in the methodological framework, a means of specifying the procedure. Their use in the field can be replaced by an ad hoc tool – in this case, a UML profile which enriches a UML tool.)

The overall view given by the use case diagram is placed in the use case file (or “Use view”).

Related terms: use case, use case diagram, actor, rule, organization.

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