Physical Aspect

Aspect under which a system appears as deployed, in its physical reality

Introduction to the notion

Stake: know the detail of the resources in order to carry out the follow up. Content: the individualized and located equipment; the configurations; the states.

On the one hand, the logistic aspect brings together the types of hardware and software resources. On the other hand, the geographic aspect lists the sites and the spatial relations (including the virtual ones) between these sites. What remains to be done is to instantiate the means and locate them on a site-by-site basis. This is the end point of the chain: the physical model describes the enterprise reality deployed in space and equipped. The passage from the logistic aspect to the physical aspect requires a twofold process:

  • first, instantiate the types of hardware and software resources;
  • then, locate them in appropriate sites and install them.

The physical aspect is therefore that of deployment. It marks the end of the transformation chain.

The approach of the physical aspect is detailed in the guide PxPRD-70.

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