Enterprise Model

A set of rigorously articulated models that describe the enterprise in all its aspects

Introduction to the notion

The enterprise model enables the target state to be described towards which the enterprise wants to head. Without such a model being sufficiently developed, transformation will remain superficial or will run into serious difficulties. Opportunities for improvement will be wasted and disarray will ensue.

This enterprise model is made up of several models which each deal with one aspect of the Enterprise System. The first of them is the intentional model through which management, followed by the rest of the enterprise, specifies and negotiates their objectives and their values.

The business is described through:

  • a semantic model, which fixes the fundamental knowledge,
  • an activity model, which describes the organization and the processes,
  • a geographic model which deals with questions regarding the localization of the activities.

These models are rigorously articulated in such a way as to ensure the coherence of the design. They provide a successful expression of the strategy and specify its implications. Furthermore, because they respect precise rules, they can be reused by the designers of the technical system (logistics and IT) who tool the business.

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