Ability to respond quickly to a request, an incident or a change in one’s environment

Introduction to the notion

The running of the enterprise is judged in terms of effectiveness (capability to reach a goal, produce results), efficiency (efficiency in consuming the minimum of resources) and productivity (level of production for equal resources). Its ability to react to events is another quality, and one that is attracting more and more attention, commensurate with the world economic and political instabilities. The organization’s ability to react and adapt is evaluated on two levels:

  • The reactivity of the organization (first level) is its ability to respond quickly to a request, an incident or a change in its environment.
  • The agility of the organization (second level) is the ability of the enterprise to adapt itself quickly and at lesser cost to a change. It presupposes the aptitude of the enterprise to transform itself to adjust to profound changes.

The reactivity is prepared for through the design of the organization and processes. It involves, among other things, robust processes, that is to say ones that plan for disruptions. As far as possible, the designer must avoid the linearity of the processes and procedural complications. The notation’s resources should be exploited for compensation mechanisms, transaction contractualization and incident management. In the case of even partial automation, the modeler must systematically propose solutions in graceful degradation. This requirement applies to all the resources, not just the IT ones, and even applies to manual activities.

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