Structure proposed for organizing the material for a project or an operation

Introduction to the notion

Organum (or Organon) is the name given to the collection of books of Aristotle’s logic. Also: the Novum Organum by Francis Bacon.

Projects and programs handle huge numbers of documents and presentations. To help leverage these corpora, Praxeme proposes a structure that has been perfected project after project. In order to facilitate its use in international contexts, the sections of this structure have been given Latin names, which have, in the main, been kept as such in European languages, thus avoiding the need for translation. This structure is the Organum.

The sections of the Organum are Focus, Thesaurus, Opus, Chorus, Corpus, Modus, Apparatus, Syllabus, and Opera.

The Organum applies to the initiative for an open method. It provides the structure of the wiki. In this context, the Praxeme method is situated in the “Modus” section. The material linked to the communication and dissemination is found in the “Syllabus” section; work on tooling the method, in “Apparatus”. The projects undertaken within the initiative are located in the “Opera” section.

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