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The golden principles for improving enterprises
while respecting society's fundamental values and interests
In the face of complexity, this manifesto articulates core principles and offers an escape from confusion, gloom and doom. It aims to reinforce our ability to act.
By "Enterprise", we mean any type of organized and willful entity or action. Considering the Enterprise as a system helps to cope with its complexity.
The Enterprise expresses its values, in accordance with society and its value system. Its actions should conform to its values.
Enterprise Architecture is the discipline that analyzes the strategy and determines the main decisions for transforming the Enterprise System.
The quality of the Enterprise System directly impacts the way the Enterprise behaves and evolves. It is of paramount importance to analyze and assess this quality.
Mastering the transformation of the Enterprise requires the target and the trajectory to be made clear. The target defines an aspirational state of the future Enterprise System.
Transforming the Enterprise and improving its contribution to society require specific skills and motivations. Bridging the Enterprise and the University is part of this adventure.