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Build for Change through Enterprise Architecture

Type : DocumentType-Presentation

What contribution could Enterprise Architecture (EA) make to the transformation of the enterprise?

Certainly, not all practices or styles of EA live up to the promise of providing significant added-value, especially from a business perspective.
What are the conditions for success when implementing an EA approach?
This is the main question addressed by this lecture.

This paper is made up of comments added to a presentation delivered at the Thought Leader Global conference on IT Strategy, Governance and Transformation, which took place in Amsterdam, October 2011.

It includes the metaphor of the "plowshare versus harrow" used as an illustration of the dichotomy "content versus relations" (see p. 9).

Author: Dominique Vauquier
Date: 20111008
Key ID: SLB33
Language: EN
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Page last modified on October 08, 2011, at 09:27 AM EST