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A classification of skills based on the Enterprise reality

Type : DocumentType-Paper


This presentation has been prepared for the Enterprise Architecture Management conference, organized by Marcus Evans, 2010 November in Berlin.

The objective of this lecture is to specify and link together the disciplines involved in the enterprise transformation.


We observe a bit of confusion when it comes to define the disciplines such as enterprise architecture, business architecture... This confusion entails dramatic consequences on the ground, since the necessary interactions have not been formalized.
Rather than producing definitions from inside each discipline, we need to infer them from a comprehensive vision of the enterprise.

Keywords: Methodology, transformation, enterprise, skills, competencies


  1. The available definitions of the disciplines
  2. A comprehensive approach to the enterprise
  3. Inference of the disciplines and their relations

Author: Dominique Vauquier
Reviewer: Joanne Toward
Date: 20101108
KeyID: SLB29
Language: EN
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