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"Praxeme Skills" training course


Training course objective

This training course presents the complete Praxeme methodology, in its latest state.

This complete overview enables you:

  • to discover the set of methods, organized within the structures of the methodology (Organum, Pro3, Enterprise System Topology, facets by aspects):
  • to be informed about the most recent developments (Praxeme for SOA version 2, generic architectures and models, work in progress…);
  • to obtain the "Praxeme Fondation" certificate.

Intended public

  • Profiles: managers leading transformation projects (transformation officers, program directors), enterprise architects, business architects, IT city planners, IT architects, organizers, modelers, designers, quality and methods engineers…
  • Enterprise or public sector contexts: you feel that Praxeme can help you draw up a target and transform your organization and its systems. The intensive training course is an accelerator to implement Praxeme. It enables you to select the procedures that will help you in your projects and give an outline of the transformation trajectory.
  • Consulting, development or training services contexts: you want to prepare for the demand for Praxeme skills in a serious and in-depth manner. You would like to use the enterprise methodology to support your assignments and to leverage the open method argument. The systematic presentation of the notions and techniques from the Praxeme corpus will enable you to assess the change in approach. The knowledge gained will help you to make your future offers credible.


To have a basic knowledge of the Praxeme method, the intuition of what an enterprise transformation methodology can be.

Warning: the training course, which seeks to show the full content of the enterprise methodology in three days, is dense. Although it uses many examples taken from real projects, it should not be confused with a practical training course (for practical skills, other more specialized modules exist). The new version of this course includes numerous preparatory exercises designed to make it easier for you to obtain the certificate.
Note: the Foundation certificate covers knowing the Praxeme structures and identifying the procedures but does not cover the practical skills. The latter are covered by specialized certificates (see the qualification presentation).

Content and pedagogic objectives


The content is based on the Syllabus defined for building the Praxeme qualification schema.
It is split as follows:

  1. First part: “the methodological platform” with the main notions linked to the transformation methodology, the system of coordinates that enables us to see where we are in the methodology…
  2. Second part: “The Enterprise System approach”, where the seven enterprise aspects are presented, with the modeling, architecture and design procedures that are specific to them;
  3. Third part: “The transformation approach”, which takes an interest in the processes at both a project and an enterprise level.

In accordance with the objective-based pedagogy approach, the training course is split into sequences that are one-hour long at most. They begin by setting out the skill or knowledge to be acquired and end with a knowledge test. The whole course prepares you for the exam at the end of the three days.
The diagram below lists the pedagogic sequences.



The training course is led by the company Praxademia, contributor to the open method.

Dominique Vauquier is the creator and main author of the Praxeme method.

Practical details of the training course

  • See the events calendar or the Praxademia training calendar
  • For all requests for information, reservations, training agreements… please send an email
  • Base rate: 1800€ excluding VAT per participant for the 3 days
  • Special rates if you reserve at least one month in advance: 10% reduction, 20% for members, 20% for group reservations (from 3 participants)
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