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  • [[Modus.Modus|Modus|:

Modus, the method

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  • [[Opus.Opus|Opus|:

Opus, the product

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  • [[Thesaurus.Thesaurus|Thesaurus|:

Thesaurus, the terminology

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Syllabus, the spreading

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Corpus, the library

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  • [[Focus.Focus|Focus|:

Focus, the objectives and the organization

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Chorus, the community

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  • [[Apparatus.Apparatus|Apparatus|:

Apparatus, the tooling

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  • [[Opera.Opera|Opera|:

Opera, the operations

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An enterprise methodology, linking areas of expertise

  • Complete modeling method of organizations and systems: justification
  • Analysis and design of all aspects of the enterprise, from strategy to deployment: justification
  • Enables the arrangement of competences and the building of links between disciplines (strategy, management, organization, quality, architecture, IT...): justification
  • An indispensable help with regard to enterprise transformation and system design: justification

An open method, widely shared

  • A royalty-free method, in keeping with the open-source mentality: justification
  • Supported by both the government and the open community : justification
  • Benefits from a dynamic process of enrichment – Scientific backing: justification
  • Disseminated in higher education: justification
  • A reference for all sectors of activity: justification

A rigorous method, guaranteeing effective action

  • Built on a tried-and-tested base (reference framework proven theoretically and empirically), adopting international standards: justification
  • Restoring modeling disciplines (all levels of concern): justification
  • Tooling of the transformation chain: justification?

This summary is incorporated in the flyer.

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Page last modified on August 31, 2015, at 01:23 PM EST