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Enterprise Transformation Manifesto

This manifesto sees itself as a guide for the socially responsible enterprise. It sets forth the principles which guide the transformation of the enterprise, in accordance with its values and those of society at large.


All functions of the enterprise (in the broadest meaning we give to this term), first of all:

  • executive management, who will find a unified discourse and list of principles to guide their transformation programs;
  • marketing or communication departments, for whom the signing of the manifesto presents an opportunity to assert certain values of their enterprise;
  • IS departments and within them, in particular, the transversal functions who will appreciate the repositioning of the enterprise architecture.

The manifesto will also be of interest to the academic world, called upon to promote a multidisciplinary approach, around which the teaching content can be organized (please see, in particular, chapter 7).


You will find on the site

  • the manifesto itself, revised in accordance with the exchanges had with the College of contributors and the communication department at AXA group;
  • the commented version from the Praxeme Institute (the full version).

Please see: presentation.

How it works and objectives

The participation terms are given at the end of the manifesto. The objective for this endeavor is twofold:

  • recapitulate the principles at the heart of the Praxeme methodology and communicate them to a wider audience;
  • seek out support for the initiative for an open method and, potentially, raise funds for the initiative.

Your role

You can:

  • distribute this manifesto left, right and center (by including it in your message signature, by sending the information to your contacts, by talking about it all around you…),
  • facilitate the communication of the manifesto by creating arguments for different targets and contexts (members can exchange and discuss these arguments through the mailing list),
  • obtain the signature of your enterprise or organization (which leads to the publication of the logo of the signatory on the ETM site).
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Page last modified on October 07, 2010, at 11:02 AM EST