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"Business Architecture & Transformation"



A new function is emerging in the enterprise: that of business architect, who is neither an IT worker nor a business representative.

  • It comes in response to an expectation from senior management and fills the gap between strategy and disciplines such as organization, process design and IT.
  • Its emergence reveals the deep concerns felt within the enterprise. Everyone is convinced of the vital need for transformation but questions exactly what actual content is required and how to overcome the obstacles.

The Praxeme open method proposes a framework and procedures to help business architects with their task. It also enables the discipline of business architecture to be better positioned in relation to the other disciplines involved in the transformation and operations of the enterprise.
The article “Business Architecture, an asset in enterprise transformation”, recapitulates the contributions enterprise methodology brings to this emerging discipline.


Praxeme Institute is organizing a two-day training session, oriented towards acquiring advanced practices.
This is an exceptional training session and is not part of a regular training catalog.


  • Loïc Depecker, professor at the Sorbonne, president of the French Society of Terminology
  • Pascal Rivière, head of the DQMU entity (Direction Qualité Méthode et Urbanisme) at the CNAV, former inspector general with INSEE
  • Dominique Vauquier, creator and main author of the Praxeme method
  • Fabien Villard, co-author of the Praxeme method


The training session targets all actors involved in transformation:

  • Managers who want to take stock of best practices,
  • Business architects and enterprise architects,
  • Contracting owners, business experts,
  • Business Process Owners, strategists, drivers of change
  • Organizers, process designers, black-belts...


  1. Illustrating existing practices by means of a case study
  2. Reflecting on the enterprise, in all its dimensions
  3. Going from strategic intentions to vision
  4. Establishing the enterprise terminology
  5. Improving enterprise performance
  6. Analyzing how the enterprise operates
  7. Formalizing business fundamentals
  8. Imagining and evaluating new operating scenarios
  9. Dialoging effectively with enterprise functions to facilitate transformation
  10. Implementing business architecture and valorizing its contribution
  11. Acquiring the skills of a business architect. What a business architect should know about…

For more details, please refer to the French version of this page (full, annotated agenda)

Terms and conditions of participation

  • Price: 1,800€ excluding VAT for the 3 days
  • 10% price reduction if you register one month before the requested session
  • 20% price reduction, for members of the association and for group registrations (3 or more participants) if you register one month before the requested session

Request for information: by email

The Praxeme Institute is accredited to draw up training agreements.

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