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A complete method for modeling organizations and systems

Praxeme can be applied to all sorts of systems: human, physical or a combination of both. In fact, Praxeme is based on the assumption that any subject under study or any object upon which we exert an action can be seen as a system, provided that we have decided so. By calling a thing or a complex object a “system”, we have taken the decision to apply a certain approach to it, a certain frame of thought, with the intellectual tools that are associated with it.

In Praxeme, the most common expression used to refer to systems is that of “Enterprise System”. This is because the term “enterprise” can be used to refer to both an organizational entity and an action (see the definition in the Thesaurus).

Theoretical justification

Praxeme considers that any system can be a combination of human and physical elements and that the reality of the system is made up of physical, geographic, IT, organizational and conceptual elements. The proposed reference framework arranges the different categories of elements required to provide a view of the system as a whole (see Enterprise System Topology).

Empirical justification

Praxeme has been applied to:

  • armament systems (SAGEM, DGA, Thales…)
  • transport systems (RATP?, RFF)
  • information systems (SMABTP, Celesio?…)
  • physical systems (EDF DOAAT)
  • organizations (AXA?…)

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Page last modified on June 16, 2012, at 10:40 AM EST