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Modus, the method

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Opus, the product

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Thesaurus, the terminology

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Syllabus, the spreading

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Corpus, the library

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Focus, the objectives and the organization

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Chorus, the community

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Apparatus, the tooling

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Opera, the operations

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Opus, the Product

Definition of the rubric

All reusable material that can be integrated within an Enterprise System: strategy, model, software, plan, etc., finds its place under the rubric “Opus” (Opus operatur).
Opus is therefore a space where Praxeme actors can capitalize on shared solutions or sufficiently generic elements of solutions. Elements which are put here have a pedagogical aim, as concrete illustrations of the implementation of the method.

Content of the rubric

This space is, quite naturally, structured by the Enterprise System Topology -- the framework used by Praxeme to analyze the enterprise.
By navigating using the image below, you can access the different universes that constitute the enterprise, illustrated by reusable contributions.

Praxeme metamodel

The Praxeme metamodel is a model of models, one model to rule them all.

Enterprise System Topology

Click on parts of the image to explore the content of the "Opus" rubric.

All pages in the Opus rubric

(:imgmap tsemap:) (:area shape=rect coords=62,7,180,72 href=Opus.SemanticAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=200,7,325,72 href=Opus.LogicalAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=340,8,460,74 href=Opus.SoftwareAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=62,95,180,160 href=Opus.PragmaticAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=200,91,325,156 href=Opus.TechnicalAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=62,179,180,244 href=Opus.GeographicAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=200,179,325,244 href=Opus.MaterielAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=340,179,460,244 href=Opus.PhysicalAspect:) (:area shape=rect coords=11,11,50,246 href=Opus.Cadrage:) (:imgmapend:)

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