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Parameters to be updated

Situation: across different media, numbers or information are listed (turnover of an enterprise, number of employees, number of documents in a project, most recent version number, main telephone number, name of the person in charge…). When any change to the information is required, every occurrence of the information requiring updating must be identified: documents, presentations, sites, applications…

Remedy: this type of information can itself be considered as an eidetic element, an elementary idea. As such, it can be assembled in as many different places as one would like (presentations, etc.). The information is then updated only once and the update propagated by the update function.

Warning: if we take such a direction with an “idea”, it is important to distinguish between:

  • its exoteric part: in this case the value to be published, as well as the label which accompanies it (the label depends on the expression language; this is not always the case with the value, which can be a number);
  • its esoteric part: the comment which defines this value but which must not be published.

Fab: The update function can be considered in the form of a construction/compilation: it is only when the content is actually produced that the value is recovered. This enables both the changes to the values, and the different uses of the values, to be kept.

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Page last modified on October 10, 2010, at 03:15 PM EST