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Modus, the method

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Opus, the product

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Thesaurus, the terminology

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Syllabus, the spreading

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Corpus, the library

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Focus, the objectives and the organization

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Chorus, the community

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Apparatus, the tooling

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Opera, the operations

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Opera, the operations

Definition of the rubric

The structure of the Organum provides for works (operations) to be inserted into the stream of activity or in parallel to it. This is the role of the “Opera” rubric. It is especially useful when the Organum is used with a permanent activity (rather than a project which is, itself, an operation).

Content of the rubric

The initiative for an open method is composed of several workgroup projects, the results of which become part of the Praxeme corpus.
In this rubric we present:

  • the workgroup projects in progress;
  • the projects underway in the enterprises which use the method;
  • the application references of the method.

Current initiatives

All pages in the Opera rubric

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Page last modified on October 22, 2016, at 11:32 AM EST