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Geographic Aspect Guide

Type: DocumentType-Guide
Author: Dominique VAUQUIER

  • Pauline Danino (INSA – Institut National des Sciences Appliquées – Rouen - ASI)
  • Christopher Hein (INSA Rouen - ASI)
  • Translators coaching: Yvon Benoist (INSA Rouen - ASI)


The geography of the Enterprise System seems to be an obvious aspect, which does not require any particular modeling effort. All the same, it can be an opportunity for innovation. Should innovation take place, the consequences are considerable.

The modeling of the geographic aspect gathers the information which will condition the hardware architecture and system sizing.


  1. Definition and objective of the geographic representation
  2. The products: framework and model
  3. Positioning in the production chain
  4. Geographic modeling processes


Portable Document Format: PxM30en-gGq.pdf?

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Page last modified on December 14, 2010, at 11:45 AM EST