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Definition of the “Product” Dimension

The “Product” dimension explores the object of our action and our thinking. This object, in its most generic and broadest acceptance is, for us, the “Enterprise System.” Everything that we build or transform is situated in this dimension, from the enterprise network to the software component. Praxeme gives this dimension particular consideration, on the grounds that we must first know the What before we can elaborate the How. This position distinguishes Praxeme from the other methodologies, which present themselves first and foremost as processes.

The Enterprise System

The broadest object considered by the Praxeme enterprise methodology is the enterprise itself.
More specifically, Praxeme speaks of the Enterprise System, which is the enterprise itself, in its self-reflection and transformation effort.
The term "enterprise" is taken in its broadest meaning.
This object, reputed complex, cannot be grasped all at once. The approach proposed by Praxeme is a multifaceted one, where clearly distinguished and articulated aspects are considered separately. The Enterprise System is seen through the prism of the Enterprise System Topology.

As a consequence, the Praxeme method is mainly delivered through guides, each examining one of the aspects of the Enterprise System.

Reminder of the definition (Thesaurus.Aspect):

  Aspect : Part of reality, which has been isolated for the sake of study, in accordance with its inner logic

Enterprise System Topology

Click on parts of the image to navigate through the aspects.


Methodological Guides

General Guide - GeneralGuide
Geographic Aspect Guide - Product-GeographicAspectGuide
Logical Aspect Guide - Product-LogicalAspectGuide
Hardware Aspect Guide - Product-MaterialAspectGuide
Physical Aspect Guide - Product-PhysicalAspectGuide
Scoping Guide - Product-PoliticalAspectGuide
Pragmatic Aspect Guide - Product-PragmaticAspectGuide
Semantic Aspect Guide - Product-SemanticAspectGuide
Software Aspect Guide - Product-SoftwareAspectGuide
Technical Aspect Guide - Product-TechnicalAspectGuide

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