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Innop: Methodological Transition

The third phase of the offering is the transition in its strictest sense: with the repository set, now is the time for its delivery and for the accompaniment of the populations concerned by the change.


  • Spread the word regarding the new methodology
    • Push best practices
    • Communication and training
  • Help projects converge on quality objectives
    • Assistance, review and audit: regarding piloting and modeling


  • Accompany a pilot project from the outset
  • Draw up training and communication plans
  • Lead training sessions and transfer of skills
  • Set up the organization (Methods unit, work groups…)
  • Set up the procedures (followed by the implementation of the method)


It will depend on the size of the transition. However, should this phase last for more than three months, concentrate the strong and visible actions in this initial three-month period.


  • Lessons learned from the pilot project and first accompanied projects
  • Measures in place for dissemination and implementation

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Page last modified on July 30, 2010, at 03:09 PM EST