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Innop: the "Initiation" phase

Presentation of the phase

The “Initiation” phase defines the objective, the scope and the precise organization of the task. It gathers the rallying arguments, situating the task within the overall concerns of the organization. This phase includes:

  • the launch, during which the detailed planning, as well as the list of people to meet, will be finalized;
  • the strategic direction interviews with executive management, to define the scope and set the course of action.

What distinguishes this phase from that of a simple launch is the necessary exchange with the sponsor, helping to clarify his/her intention. The starting point cannot be strictly specified because it is, and rightly so, innovative. It can be a mere intuition, a rough outline of an idea. The potential is clearly there but we are, as yet, unable to guarantee the feasibility and even the overall shape.

The endpoint of the phase corresponds to the issuing of a “Project Statement”, an official document, approximately one page long. It restates the orientation given by executive management and strongly expresses the will and challenges of the methodological transition.
This Project Statement establishes the legitimacy of the project and will help to mobilize the actors during the scoping period.

Objective of the phase

Fix the seminal idea of the project

  • This idea must be formulated definitively, shared and approved. There is no need, at this stage, to use too specific a wording for the method. The two following phases will enable us to formulate the innovation, from the domain decided on by the initial idea.
  • The seminal idea must be able to fit in with the pyramid of objectives of the enterprise.

How the phase works

The functioning of this phase is ambivalent:

  • On the one hand, it takes a fairly open and destabilizing direction, in order to stimulate innovation.
  • On the other hand, the project managers look for minimal consensus, without which, all enterprise projects are impossible.

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Page last modified on July 13, 2010, at 06:17 AM EST