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Innop: the "Crystallization" phase

Presentation of the phase

The “Crystallization” phase takes into account the conclusions from the first workshop and decides on the guidelines for the Method task. It uses creativity procedures, especially workshops.
It is both the most exciting and riskiest phase: anything can happen, including nothing!
The rest of the project will be determined by the quality and originality of the ideas which emerge from this phase. The exploratory phase should have gathered enough material to stimulate the imagination, but the success of the crystallization phase depends largely on the key figures present. Managers should be particularly vigilant that standard regulations do not prevent freedom of expression and do not nip in the bud any attempt to get off the beaten track.

Objective of the phase

Introduce the conceptual framework and guidelines

  • content of the innovation
  • its consequences

How the phase works

This phase makes the most of creativity procedures.

  • use of semantic modeling
  • creativity workshops
  • testing of procedures and methods that will be generalized in the ensuing phases
  • illustration of the framework and use of prototypes to test its validity

Products of the phase

The end-of-phase report contains the definitive description of the direction to be taken. What was initially only a general idea at the beginning of the project has now been sufficiently fleshed out to be convincing.
The type and content of the documentation to be provided depends very much on the subject. Please note that it is from this documentation and with no further discussion or research, that the actors of the following phase (Specification) should be able to contractualize the rest of the project and to rigorously specify the other deliverables. The description of the innovation must therefore be quite exhaustive, raising all delicate issues, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises further down the line. It is with this recommendation in mind that the project managers must judge the results of the Crystallization phase.

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Page last modified on July 12, 2010, at 09:28 AM EST