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Project Manager

We distinguish three chapters in the methodology: Products, Processes and Procedures and methods (see the PRO3 schema).
The main focus of Praxeme’s efforts today is on the Product dimension (the Enterprise System), as well as on the modeling procedures.
As a consequence, the project manager will not find any job-specific methods here. For that, we would advise you to look at standards like PMbook or Prince 2.

It is often said that there is orthogonality between the:

  • modeling and design methods approach and the
  • project management approach.

We support this principle but with the following reservation: certain approaches, certain ways of looking at problems, have an impact on the way the work is organized. The project manager should bear this in mind.
For example, we cannot run an SOA project in the same way as a classical project. The way we distribute the work in modeling or object-oriented development differs from that previously practiced.
It is for this reason that Praxeme contains recommendations intended for project managers. They can be found in the Processes chapter.

NB: For more information regarding the objectives and the development strategy of Praxeme, please see the Focus section.

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Page last modified on October 10, 2010, at 06:42 PM EST