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Modus, the method

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Opus, the product

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Thesaurus, the terminology

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Syllabus, the spreading

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Corpus, the library

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Focus, the objectives and the organization

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Chorus, the community

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Apparatus, the tooling

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Opera, the operations

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Corpus, the library

Definition of the rubric

The method itself is laid out in the "Modus" rubric.
Based on research, capitalizations, experiences… it results from a voluntaristic reconstruction, ordering both knowledge and practices.
This effort imposes an order – inherent to the method. However, its starting point remains the undifferentiated and continually-renewed mass of available knowledge. The methodology greedily feeds off this magma: it stocks up on all the fields of knowledge.

Content of the rubric

In the Organum, the “Corpus” rubric stocks the elements of knowledge, the diverse materials, which, not yet absorbed into the impeccable order of the method, stimulate, feed or challenge it. This library has its own specific organization, that of the deep, obscure and muddled network. For ease of use, themes are displayed in alphabetical order, as in an encyclopedia to be browsed to infinity. From this meandering, from this incessant labor, the lineaments of a new synthesis emerge little by little, as if by chance. When the material finally crystallizes, we can return to the method to stipulate and exercise better practices.

Acronym in French: "Conservatoire Organisé des Recherches, Processus et Usages"
“Organized Academy for Research, Process and Use”

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Page last modified on June 21, 2010, at 05:57 PM EST